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Our Development Process

Spider Technology provides a comprehensive development process to ensure the best possible solutions to meet customer needs. It involves understanding customer requirements, designing a customized solution, and ensuring quality and reliability.

Phase 1

Post Project

The post-project phase will cover the aims and objectives of your project, including understanding the organization, its objective, and its target audience. It will also look at any difficulties or limitations that could affect success.

Phase 2


The requirements phase is the first step in defining functional and technical requirements for a website, including desired features, functionalities, and performance specifications. Our team will also identify any third-party integrations, APIs, and other dependencies required for the project.

Phase 3

User Interface

Our design team will provide wireframes and mockups of the user interface to ensure a seamless and simple customer experience. We will evaluate the user path and guarantee that the design accurately conveys your brand.

Phase 4


Following your approval of the UI, our designers will produce high-fidelity designs and visual assets that complement your brand and style. This stage involves developing all the visionary components, the visual identity, and the style guides required to achieve uniformity across all pages.

Phase 5


Our developers will create and code your website or application during this phase. It effectively takes the designs and turns them into reliable, functional code. To guarantee the product’s quality, scalability, and security, we apply best practices in software engineering along with industry-standard technologies and frameworks.

Phase 6

Quality Assurance

We will thoroughly test a product to ensure that it meets all the technical requirements, using automated and manual testing approaches. We will also test it across multiple browsers and platforms to ensure its compatibility and usability. Once everything has been thoroughly tested, we will launch your website or application.

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